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Use the Enneagram to better understand your employees and co-workers. Learn what motivates and drains each team member to build amazing company culture.
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Beyond their job title, your employees are individuals who have their own subconscious and conscious needs. The Enneagram reveals them to you so you can bring out the superstar inside every team member
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The Enneagram is a model of the human psyche and the different personalities that make up each and every human being.

Check out what energizes Elon at work, what drains him, and more
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Learn to access the superstar potential within your co-workers by understanding their Enneagram type

Understand what absolutely drains each personality in a work setting, understand how to give feedback to each team member and how ultimately to motivate your team to unlock their superstar potential

Common Questions

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What is the Enneagram based on?
The origins of the Enneagram are somewhat disputed, but the general consensus is that it was popularized in the 21st century by Gurdjieff, a Russian mystic and teacher who used the Enneagram to explain the unfolding of creation, calling it a symbol of perpetual motion. Some also believe that variations of the Enneagram symbol can be traced to the sacred geometry of Pythagorean mathematicians and mystical mathematics.
What is the dashboard?
Ennie's dashboard gives you access to your co-workers Enneagram types. Learn more about what motivates and drains each team member, how they prefer to be emailed, how to present them with an idea and more. When you understand your employees personality you can access the superstar potential that's within them.
How accurate is the personality test?
Our free/basic 36 question Enneagram test reveals your top 3 personalities ranked by percentage. We always recommend when taking the Enneagram test to have a co-worker or two take it for the individual to compare results and ensure accuracy. When you upgrade to Pro or Business, we give you a 145 question Enneagram test that yields a more accurate result.
Can I have my whole team sign up?
Yes! We'd love that. Currently our software only supports one master login, so we believe it's best suited for startup founders who want to understand their employees on a deeper level to help motivate them and help achieve their goals.
Why do I have the Ennie employee directory?
If you've signed up to our Free plan you have all of the Enneagram test resource access but don't have access to your own employee directory that comes with the Pro or Business plan. After you've signed up to Pro or Business and have taken the Enneagram test your dashboard will be updated within 24 hours.
How long does it take?
The Basic free test takes about 5 minutes to complete, whereas the Pro or Business Enneagram test takes around 20 but yields a much more accurate result. Once you've signed up to Pro or Business your Enneagram Employee Dashboard Directory will be ready.